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The ITS TEC Foundation 

The Foundation was established in 2010, among its members it's possible to count: high schools, research Centres, by the Region recognized VET Centres, public local bodies (i.e. Municipalities), all active in promotion, dissemination and directly engaged in implementation of educational activities.

Regarding the organizational structure of the ITS Foundation, it is managed by the Executive Board, presided over the President and by the Direction Board, in charge for managerial functions according to the mission and the statue of the Foundation itself.

For design and development of educational paths and other initiatives, the Foundation can counts on the high professional level of the associated VET Centres and expert professionals.



  • IIS “G.B Aleotti” di Ferrara
  • IIS “Guido Monaco da Pomposa” di Codigoro (FE)
  • ITIS Copernico-Carpeggiani
  • ITIS Nullo Baldini di Ravenna


  • Università di Ferrara
  • Università di Bologna

Certificated training and vet ecntres

  • Ecipar Ravenna
  • Edilform Estense
  • IAL Emilia-Romagna
  • Il Sestante
  • IRECOOP Soc. Coop

Local public bodies

  • Comune di Ferrara
  • Comune di Ravenna
  • Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

Research centres

  • Consorzio LEAP


  • Fondazione Geometri Emilia-Romagna ( Foundation Surveyors Emilia Romagna Region)
  • Fondazione Geometri Ferraresi (Foundation Survayors Ferrara)
  • Fondazione Geometri Italiani (Foundation Italian Survayors)


  • C.I.L.A. Consorzio scpa
  • C.U.RA. Ravenna scrl.
  • CCLG Cortesi Casadei e Linari Giunchi spa
  • CEAR Consorzio Edili Artigiani
  • Coopolis spa Ravenna
  • Dister Energia spa
  • Energy Casa srl
  • Evercompunds spa
  • F.lli Righini srl
  • IBF Srl
  • SOLAR FARM Società Agricola Srl
  • Impronte soc. coop.
  • Nordelettrica Impianti srl
  • R.E.S. - Reliable Environmental Solutions
  • S.A.I.T.I. Di Cassani Mauro e C. snc
  • Snoopy Casa soc. coop
  • Terremerse soc coop


Educational Offer: ITS paths

The DPCM (DECREE OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS) 01/2008, defined the Guide Lines for reorganizing the educational system in Italy. ITS paths represent the educational tertiary segment, out of University, aiming at offering to participants, men and women, the possibility to achieve specialized training, according to the needs of the enterprises and the labour market. Thanks to ITS educational paths, all students have the opportunity to reinforce their competences profile, acquiring key knowledge and capabilities for improving innovation processes and in order to manage both organizational and productive processes.

In Emilia Romagna Region there are  7 ITS Foundations and they are a part of the Polytechnic Regional Network, aimed at valorizing the technical, professional, scientific culture, in order to offer concrete answers to the needs of the economic systems, supporting local development and competitiveness.

After a training of 1800/2000 hours, including monitoring and evaluation activities, all students will obtain the Degree.

The Foundation ITS TEC offers educational paths, with 3 different specialized addresses:



 The educational path aims at training Technicians capable to work in the construction sector, with attention to sustainability; capable to adopt the most innovative audit technologies (BIM)

Detailed study plan


This profile works in the field of management of energy plants with attention to renewable energies for sustainable development and reduction of environmental impacts.

Detailed study plan

Each study plan includes a specific amount of hours dedicated to English Language, in order to reinforce linguistic competences of students.

The ITS DEGREE is comparable to a V EQF level. There is a detailed supplement for mutual recognition of competences. The skills and competences achieved during the education paths by the students will be detailed within the EUROPASS DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT, attached to the ITS Qualification.

Mobility and international relations office

The Mobility and International Relations Office guarantees the correct management  of the  mobility process in order to offer a positive learning experience for each student and/or teacher/operator.
The Office  works with a  dedicated staff of 2 human resources in charge for:

  • Correct management of formal documentation concerning mobility,
  • Management of activated partnership agreements with foreign structures,
  • Relationship management with hosting enterprises and with potential new partners
  • Quality assurance concerning partnership agreements
  • Information support

For any request, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Send an email to international@itstec.it

Language policy supporting mobility

The Foundation guarantees for each provided educational path, an ad hoc training focused on English Language (general and professional). Furthermore, the Foundation provided educational modules adopting CLILL ( Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology. Finally, in case of necessity, it is possible to provide linguistic support in different languages depending on the participants’ needs, in particular incoming students.

Applied academic credit system and methodology for application of ECTS

Within the ITS paths it is possible to apply conventionally, the ECTS , measuring the so called work load of each student. Normally, the students participate in training/learning sections of 25-30 hours lesson and 30-40 hours stage pro week frequency is compulsory. The stage has a duration of 800 hours in 2 years.

The didactic approach privilege experience-based and problem based learning (PBL), integrating lessons, project work, laboratory, cooperative learning and cooperative projects’ development. The evaluation of learning outcomes will be realized by the all teachers, who evaluate both soft skills and technical/professional skills.

Every year the ITS study plans have been updated and reviewed, embedding innovative aspects and topics (content, methodology), for reinforcing their connections with the labor market’s needs and the sectorial evolution’s trends as well as the attractivity of paths for students.

Thanks to the cooperation between the Foundation , the University of Bologna and the University of Ferrara, the study plans foresee the recognition of Credits (CFUs), to students who intend to start up with academic educational opportunities.
As far as student in transnational mobility, the learning outcomes, are verified, evaluated and certificated according to praxis described within the Learning Agreement.
To the foreign students realizing by the Foundation and its network an experience through transnational mobility, the acquired credits were formally recognized and certificated by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, (ECTS). The teachers and the Scientific Committee are in charge for evaluation and certification process.